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Below is a list of estimated travel times to arrive at Jamie's Whaling Station Tofino (if driving to Ucluelet, take approximately 30 minutes off the time below).

  • Vancouver ~ 5 Hours (including ferry transport, exluding ferry wait times)
  • Campbell River ~ 4.5 Hours
  • Nanaimo ~ 3 Hours
  • Port Alberni ~ 2 Hours
  • Victoria ~ 5 Hours
  • Comox/Courtenay ~ 3 Hours

Check out the Highway 4 - Sutton Pass road cam (highest point along the highway between Port Alberni and the West Coast) for current conditions. Keep in mind that there can often be snowfall through the winter months in the highest points along the road to Tofino. It is recommended to carry tire chains, or use snow tires between October and March.


Pacific Rim Navigators offers private vehicle and shuttle services to and from Tofino/Ucluelet.


Tofino Bus offers multiple daily departures to and from Tofino/Ucluelet.


The fastest route to Tofino is by air. Below are a couple options to get you here in the shortest amount of time.

  • Pacific Coastal Airlines - direct flights from Vancouver (south terminal) to Tofino Airport (YAZ)
  • Harbour Air - direct flights from Vancouver Harbour to Tofino Harbour
  • Tofino Air - Charter a float plane for a direct flight between Tofino and Vancouver
  • Atleo River Air - offering charter flights for groups to Tofino Harbour

There are also opportunities to fly directly to Vancouver Island via 4 international airports in Victoria (YVR), Nanaimo (YCD), and Comox (YQQ)